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#66 Miracle Beads & Hematine Choker Fun with Cardboard!
#65 Paper Mache Ornaments Button and Twine Garland
#64 Holiday Beaded Scrunchie Tissue Paper Leaves
#63 Memo Angel:  Part 2 13 Spooky Halloween Pictures
#62 Memo Angel: Part 1 Halloween Art Wanted!
#61 Hummingbird Pattern Gardian Tassel Angels
#60 Trendy Tin Cans A Recycled Rocket Ship
#59 Peacock Delight Earrings Cardboard Picture Frame
#58 A Tube to Wrap or Mail Angel Glue Gun Bag
#57 A Scroll for Your Scrapbook We always want your help!
#56 Grape Leaf Earrings Mirror Frames
#55 Flower Garden Earrings Star Pins for Mother's Day
#54 The Bead Bracelet Craft Stick Fish Mobile
#53 The Need to Bead Craft Stick Paddle Boat
#52 Chopsticks into Hairsticks Egg Bunnies for Spring
#51 What on Earth are Paper Beads? Shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day!
#50 Using Beads For Buttons; Making a Raised Shank  Name Aliens
#49 St. Valentine's Day Card Heart on a Ribbon pattern
#48 Ice Drop Earrings We still need your help!
#47 Pine Bough Decoration for Scrapbooks & More Symmetrical Snow Storm
#46 Little Boxes for Precious Presents Quick Gift Tags
#45 An Angel of a Christmas Card Snow Globes
#44 Bunch of Bloomers Lemon Leaf Swag Turtle Bead Pattern
#43 Midnight Reflections Beaded Necklace Leaf Print Fall Wreaths
#42 Halloween Treat Pot Paper Pumpkin Decoration
#41 Large Gift Bagalopes Seal Bead Pattern 
#40 Very Easy Gift Bagalopes  Have you ever seen a...?
#39 Quick Tin Cup Necklace Featured Young Artist!
#38 Pattern: Bead a Painted Pony We need your help!
#37 Wallpaper Bookmarks PA Dutch Birth Certificates
#36 Netted Marble Earrings  Symolism Shields - Part 2
#35 Mini Quilt in Square Stitch Symbolism Shields - Part 1
#34 4th of July Window Painting Abstract Art
#33 Beaded Vases by Celia Martin Pointillism and Markers!
#32 Pattern: Many, Many Kitties Bubble Paper
#31 Wrapping Up Mother's Day Coupons for Mom!
#30 Color Theme Jewelry Coin Rubbings
#29 Clay Pots Using Napkins Markers aren't wishy-washy!
#28 Just Daisies Hand Art
#27 Simple Daisy Chain Paper Picture Frame
#26 The Bead Alternative; Using Beads for Buttons Jazzy Jewels
#25 Pattern: Heart Amulet Purse Spongy Valentine Cards - Part 2
#24 Raffia Valentine Cards Spongy Valentine Cards - Part 1
#23 Pony Bead Necklace Project Mexican Bark Paintings
#22 Everlasting Polymer Gingerbread Cinnamon Dough Ornaments
#21 Crocheted Bell for the Holidays Batik - Part 2
#20  Creative Holiday Card Displays and More! Batik - Part 1
#19  Whimsical Polymer Clay Drawer Pulls Leaf Printing
#18 Bunch-O-Raspberries Scrunchie Pumpkin Carving Advice
#17 Harvest Shimmer Necklace Yay! School's Out - Chapter 3
#16 Halloween Stamping Yay! School's Out - Chapter 2
#15 Simplified Huichol Beadwork Technique Yay! School's Out - Chapter 1
#14 Patterns for Weaving on Your Loom Positive-Negative Space
#13 A Card for All Occasions A Pocket for a Gift
#12 Amethyst Glass Choker Marbelized Pencils
#11 Tips for Craft Booths Featured Young Artist
#10 Beadweaving Basics Spring Butterflys
#9  Polymer Clay Roses  Rainy Day 
#8  Making Pins with Rubber Stamps  Make a Rainbow Garden! 
#7  Mom's Memory Box  Flowers For Mother's Day 
#6  Wobbly Water Card!  See Through Card for Kids 
#5  Featured Artist: Margaret Diamond  Sparkling Barrettes! 
#4  Using Bead Tips  Hide and Snake! 
#3  Dried Flower Topiary  Alien Adventures 
#2  Using Head Pins to Make Jewelry   Making Beads and Jewelry 
#1  Easy to Make Valentine Cards  Valentine Cards Kids Can Make 
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