Elastic Thread and Cord

Our elastic threads and cords are perfect for making stretchy bracelets. Try our favorite brand, Elastoma, or choose from Opelon, Stretch Magic, and latex-free Gossamer floss. Cluster multiple stretchy bracelets for a fun and fashionable look. We recommend using a Big Eye Needle for easy stringing, and finishing with a Square Knot and a drop of Zap-A-Gap super glue.

Opelon white elastic thread is easy to work with and requires no crimps.  Just use a square knot and you're all done.  Available in a 5m spool, 0.7mm.
#49089  $6.95 

Elastoma clear stretch cord is a tough, elastic cord that is prefect for crimping, won't fray like other cords.  Available in a 25m spool, 0.8mm.
#49043  $9.95

Stretch Magic clear elastic thread is great for seed bead bracelets  Perfect for using with crimp beads or a square knot.  Available in a 25m spool, 0.5mm.
#49041  $10.80

Gossamer Floss is a stretchy, latex free floss ideal for bracelets and necklaces.  Includes a free twisted needle, project ideas and instructions. 20 Yards  #49003  $4.75 

Elasticity satin gold elastic cord.  Available in a 5m spool, 0.8mm.
#49291  $2.95

Elasticity satin silver elastic cord.  Available in a 5m spool, 0.8mm.
#49292  $2.95

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