Furnace Glass Beads from David Christensen

Our beautiful furnace glass beads by David Christensen are a mix of stripes and solids in a variety of colors, including bright, pastel, jewel tone, Caribbean, rainbow, black and white, and mixed. They come in many different shapes and sizes from smaller chunky pieces to slices, and even a few heart-shaped beads. Their larger holes expand your design possibilities. While some packages may contain matched pieces, they are not guaranteed. All furnace glass beads are handcrafted in the USA. A 1-ounce package contains approximately 18-35 pieces.

Zebra stripes and solids of black and white! Mixed shapes and sizes.
Pieces per pkg: 1 ounce
#24035   $15.95

Pastel mixed shapes and sizes in soft tones!  Mixed shapes and sizes. 
#24031   $15.95 1 ounce

Jewel Tone mixed shapes and sizes in deep, bright colors! Mixed shapes and sizes.
#24032   $15.95 1 ounce

Mixed colors and shapes and sizes in deep and bright colors!
#24138   $15.95 1 ounce
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