Summer White Necklace Simple, but sophisticated, this three-strand necklace is easy to make and you can use any color and almost any size seed bead.  In white, the necklace can be worn with any summer outfit and looks gorgeous against bare skin. 

1 pkg. 11/0 MT Crystal AB Seed Beads  (#T-1117) Qty:  
1 pkg. S/P Classic Toggle  (#50190) Qty:  
1 pkg. S/P Crimp Beads  (#50046) Qty:  
1 spool Silver Beadalon Wire  (#49122) Qty:  
1 Donut Style Shell Pendant  (#11345) Qty:  

Step 1:  Cut six 20" pieces of Beadalon wire.

Step 2:  Take one piece of Beadalon, place a Bead Stopper on one end, from the other end string triangle seed beads until they measure 9" strand.  Now count the last 16 triangle seed beads and place your finger at that point, between the triangle seed beads.  Wrap the 16 strung beads around the donut hole of the shell pendant.  Take the end of the wire and string it back up a few of the existing triangle seed beads, which are above your finger.  Remove your finger, pull wire taut, and continue to feed the wire through the entire strand of triangle seed beads.  When you reach the Bead Stopper add this end to the Bead Stopper.  Repeat 5 times.

Step 3:  Separate the six strands into two groups of three.  Make any adjustments, remove or add a triangle seed bead, to get the lengths equal.  Take one group and attach to the ring piece of the clasp.  Take the other group and attach them to the bar piece of the clasp.  To attach to the clasp, add one crimp bead, create a loop through the clasp, back through the crimp bead, pull tight, crush the crimp bead, and trim ends.  Enjoy!

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