Wire Bird Nest Necklace with How-To Pictures
We have seen these adorable little nests all over the place, so we figured it is the perfect time of year to share one of our own in an easy-to-make necklace. This fun piece incorporates our Vintage Bronze Wire, Soaring Bird Charm, Filigree Leaf, and Peach Aventurine Rounds with Turquoise Jasper eggs. Our step-by-step pictures and directions below make this a snap to put together.  The finished length of this necklace is about 20.5 inches, including the clasp. Note: we prefer our nests to look a little messy, but if you want a more tidy version just avoid pinching with your Pliers in the last step.

1 Pkg. Turquoise Colored Jasper Rounds, 6mm (#11035-6) Qty:
1 Pkg. Peach Aventurine Rounds, 8mm (#11024-8) Qty:
1 Vintage Large Soaring Two Hole Bird Charm (#59032) Qty:
1 Vintage Filigree Leaf Charm (#59027) Qty:
1 Pkg. Vintage Sunflower Bead Caps (#14075) Qty:
2 Ft. Vintage Medium Oval Cable Chain (#62027) Qty:
1 Spool Vintage Bronze Parawire, 20 gauge (#49103) Qty:
1 Pkg. 2” Vintage Brass Thick Head Pins (#50326) Qty:  
1 Pkg. Vintage Swirl Clasps (#50342) Qty:

Tools you will need (change quantity to 1 if you need them): 
Flat Chain Nose Pliers (#51016) Qty: 
Round Nose Pliers (#51017) Qty: 
Side Cutters (#51018) Qty: 

Nest directions:

Step 1. Cut a piece of Wire measuring about 4 feet in length. String on three Turquoise Jasper “eggs” and move them to the middle of the Wire, then cross the Wire over itself so the eggs are pulled into a triangle shape.
Step 2. Start wrapping the Wire in a circular motion around the eggs. Wrap one side of the Wire a few times, then the other (don’t worry too much about symmetry here).
Step 3. Pass the Wire underneath the eggs after every couple of rotations to create the bottom of the nest.
Step 4. As the nest begins to take shape, pass the Wire through the layers and wrap it from top to bottom a few times at random to keep the layers in place. When you get to the ends, tuck the wires into the layers or create two curly-cues with Round Nose Pliers.
Step 5. Go back in with fine Round Nose or Chain Nose Pliers and pinch and scrunch organically—remember, there’s no “wrong” way to do this!

Necklace directions:
Step 1. Cut or twist open three pieces of Chain: one measuring 7.5 inches long, one 3 links long, and one 10 inches long. Twist open the end link of the 10 inch piece and attach it to the left side of the nest, then twist it closed. Do the same with an end link of the 3-link piece on the opposite side of the nest, and twist open the other end link of this short piece and attach it to the “beak” of the Soaring Bird Charm. Twist open the end link of the 7.5 inch piece and attach that to the “tail” end of the Soaring Bird. Ensure that each of these links is twisted closed.

Step 2. Thread a Head Pin through a Peach Aventurine Round, then a Sunflower Bead Cap. Form a simple loop above the Bead Cap by bending the Head Pin 90 degrees with Flat Nose Pliers, then trim with Side Cutters to leave about 3/8 inch behind. Curl this into a tight loop with Round Nose Pliers, but do not close the loop completely. Repeat this step four more times.

Step 3. Attach the dangles: thread one through the unused end link of the 10 inch piece of Chain. On the same piece of Chain, count 7 links from the nest and attach another, then one 9 links from the nest, and another 10 links from the nest. Attach the final dangle on the same link that’s connected to the bird’s beak. Go back and pinch all of the loops shut with Chain Nose Pliers.

Step 4. Twist off one link of Chain from the unused extra piece and thread the Filigree Leaf onto it, then attach this to the 9th link from the nest (one dangle is already strung there). Twist the link closed.

Step 5. Twist open one of the necklace’s end links and attach one piece of the Swirl Clasp, then twist the link closed and repeat on the other end of the necklace with the other piece of the Clasp. Enjoy!

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