"Find My Wine" ID Tags! 
The newest craze to hit beaders everywhere is little rings you can add to wine glasses making your glass as distinct as you are.  While many folks are just sticking to "wine" themes, we thought it would be more fun to give your guests a choice of charms that they can personally identify with!  These ID Tags are great for yourself or give them as a gift! 

Possibilities for materials are endless!  We used small beads from our Czech Multi Mix, but you could use any small beads you have laying around.
1 Czech Multi Mix Collection  (#24016) Qty: 
1 Package of Ring Memory Wire  (#49039) Qty: 
1 Package of G/P Jump Rings  (#50039) Qty: 
1 Package of S/P Jump Rings  (#50040) Qty: 
1 Package 10/0 SL Gold Triangle Beads  (#J-3848) Qty: 
1 Package 10/0 SL Clear Triangle Beads  (#J-3849) Qty: 
Memory Wire Cutter (#51005) Qty: 
Flat Tip Chain Nose (#51001) Qty: 
6 Miscellaneous Charms

Cut off one ring of memory wire leaving enough to overlap when finished.  Use a flat nose pliers to make a loop at one end of your memory wire.  Start by putting on either Gold or Clear S/L Triangle Beads to cover your wire.  Add smaller beads and more triangle beads, when you get to about the center of your memory wire, prepare your charms.  Open one jump ring and loop your charm into the ring, then close the ring.  String your charm on and finish your ID Tag by adding more beads.  When you've come to the end, cut off the excess wire (leaving about 1/4") and make another loop.  Continue until you have at least 6 ID Tags and you're all set!

To present and store your new treasures, consider using one of our Small Decorative Bags or Small Boxes.

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