Silver Beaded Candle Holders 
Have we got a fun idea to decorate your outdoor evening parties!  Have you seen those expensive candle holders made with wire and plastic beads?  Well, you can make them for a lot less money with sparkling glass beads!

We had a little "workshop" at eebeads last week to work out all the snags before telling you our secrets to making these gorgeous candle holders (or taller jars might make a pretty vase too - the options are endless).

Getting Started:  
First, find a jar that a tea light candle will be easy to put in.  We liked salsa, pickle, jam, and olive jars.

Second, get a bunch of beads together.  For economy sake, most of our beads were taken from our Indian Glass Beads page.

We also added beads from the Crystals Page, Gemstone Rounds, Metal Beads, and Natural Materials.

Third, decide what type of wire to use.  Most of us used the 18 gauge wire in silver plate, but if you have a hard time with this heavier wire, try the 22 gauge wire which is thinner.  
22 Gauge S/P Wire (#49072) Qty:  
18 Gauge S/P Wire (#49070) Qty: 

Assembly Instructions:  
Step 1.  First, take a piece of wire at least 6" longer then the opening of your jar.  String a few beads on the wire and twist it around the top (like you would a twist tie on a bag), under the rings the lid would attach to.

Step 2.  Add beads to the two pieces hanging down and curve the ends in a design of some sort. 

Step 3.  Continue adding on longer pieces of wire looping them onto the top first wire you put on.  Keep adding beads, bending the wire and just play with this fun technique!

Step 4.  If you find that your wires are very loose, and not really staying around the jar, wrap a wire outside the jar all the way around near the bottom, interweaving between the strands and twist tightly.  This works better if you use a wire with no beads on it at all.

And that's about it!  Of course this is just the start, you can try having pieces loop down, add more beads, make hangers, etc.  We did notice that the more beads, the prettier the glow in the evening.

Please note:  If you hang your new jars in trees, use an extra piece of wire to keep the flame and heat away from any branches!  This will also prevent them from falling if there are strong winds.


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